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Leonard D. FrommLeonard D. Fromm

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Lauren K. RobelLauren K. Robel

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Two IU Maurer School of Law icons to be inducted into Academy of Law Alumni Fellows

April 17, 2015


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Two distinguished leaders from the Indiana University Maurer School of Law will be inducted into the school’s Academy of Law Alumni Fellows, the highest honor the school bestows.

Leonard D. “Len” Fromm and Lauren K. Robel, JD’83, are being inducted today in a ceremony in the Indiana Memorial Union. Robel, the IU Bloomington provost and executive vice president, will be on hand for the ceremony; Fromm, who died in 2013, will be inducted posthumously before friends and family.

“Len truly was the heart and soul of the law school,” said Austen L. Parrish, dean and James H. Rudy Professor of Law. “And he cared deeply. As the story goes, Len was hired as director of student affairs but asked that it be changed to director for student affairs -- a one-word change that symbolized much, much more.”

Though he was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin’s law school, Fromm’s contributions span generations of IU law school students and deserve recognition, Parrish said.

“Len helped shape the lives and dreams of nearly 6,000 of our alumni,” he said. “That is more than half of our graduates. It’s a simple statistic, but an astonishing one that relays the profound impact Len had on our school.”

Robel graduated in 1983 and served the law school in a variety of capacities beginning in 1985, including as dean from 2003 through 2012, when she was appointed the chief academic officer of the Bloomington campus.

“Lauren's teaching and scholarship in the area of federal courts made her one of the world’s most recognized experts on the subject,” Parrish said, “and her leadership of the law school ushered in a new era of vision and support when it was most needed. Fortunately, her office is only one building away, and that’s another true gift to the school. She is an invaluable resource to all of us who are carrying on a legacy she so ably started decades ago.”

The Academy of Law Alumni Fellows was established in 1985 -- this year marks its 30th anniversary -- and honors those alumni and friends of the law school who have served the school and the legal profession with dignity and honor over the course of many years.